Cool World is a 360° marketing hub focused on curating visual & emotional brand to consumer engagements/strategies. This includes event production, brand development, brand communication, photo shoots, graphic design, content development & social media marketing custom designed to the clients specific needs. We are a collective of well traveled, well connected and well versed creatives, adept at leading campaigns that speak directly to the targeted audiences of our clients. We streamline our creative process to fit your timeline and budget while meeting the expectations of your vision. Cool World has successfully applied it's expertise to artists, authors, films, small businesses, festivals, political campaigns, corporations, brands and more. Cool World currently works throughout North America, Africa and Europe with plans to extend it's networks into Asia and Australia for 2017.


Creative Exchange


Cool World supports creatives through our Dream Society exchange program. We connect and collaborate with musicians, artists, designers and more to simply express, inspire and raise awareness for the importance of creativity and self-expression


The Team

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Cool World employs some of the best creative and innovative talent from around the world to work on its campaign strategies.



CWA supports internships in marketing, video production and graphic design. Please send resumes and cover letters to