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It all started when the photos of my childhood were lost and I longed to capture new ones. I picked up an old Fujica AZ-1 that was laying around my place and began to snap away.

The camera is a beautiful tool to capture the magic of moments between the photographer & the subject. I look moments that feel distinct to my eye along with symmetry paired with unique lighting or even shadowing. With people, it's about the smile...I like to give people a reason to trust me in capturing their smile. The notion of photographing people who are sad, hurt or angry does not settle well with me, the vulnerability of a human being is much too delicate to engage someone from the view of my lens instead of my heart. The photograph reveals this connection & honesty. I always appreciated the happiness my photos capture. I remember most of the stories of each subject I connect with. Each photograph is usually preceded or followed with a conversation that tells me something distinct about each subject. The dichotomy I have with the camera however is the need to be present. In this age of social media, we all want to capture the moments. But sometimes...most times, I feel we should put the camera down and just BE IN the moments.