The M.A.R.C Project:

Music. Art. Revolution. Creativity is....

a creative platform founded to showcase & inspire music and art. Driven by my lifetime experiences, I am forever keen on remembering how powerful music & art can be when cultivated as a tool for emotion & expression. Utilizing the ability to create drives me to inspire people, young and old to do the same. Both have taken me around the world, opening up doors to my reality & imagination that could once never think to conceive.

During my post-university years, I acquired odd jobs to pay the bills. Most notably varying positions at Nursing Homes. For roughly 18 months I worked alongside the elderly. I noticed how they responded to music. I then looked back further to the songs my grandma sung to me when I was not feeling well as a child. This became my spark to create a movement to inspire feel-good memories through music & art. Children & the elderly share the same unapologetic spirit an artist NEEDS to be honest in their expression. The M.A.R.C Project reminds participants of this sentiment to heal and help all who are involved. Change happens as WE not just me. Let's inspire the world together.